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November 14 & 15, 2015








A big CONGRATULATIONS to the 2014 Scholarship Award winner Austin Lauf.


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Breeders Listing

Breeders Listing

What they have

Michelle Adkins
 Huntington, WV
 (304) 697-0507
Exhibition Standard Buff Orpingtons, and Exhibition Bantam Black and Blue Orpingtons. 
Bev Davis Marans in Black Copper, Wheaten, Blue Wheaten, Birchen, Black, Golden Salmon and Black Tailed Blue Coppers and Blues Buff  although some of them are still in the developmental stage.  My web site is www.bevsmarans.com

Maria Hall

P.O. Box 172

Scottsburg, IN 47170



Maria's Jersey Giants

Since 1976

Show Quality Blue, Black, Splash Jersey Giants

Hatching Eggs, Chicks, Started Birds, Adults


Cindy Menear

CnM Farm

Londondery, Ohio, 45647

740-887-4086 home

740-649-9148 cell



Bantams : Exhibition quality Buff Brahma's,  Silkies in Partridge and Blue Partridge,  Ameraucanas

Large Fowl : Welsummers, Wheaten Marans, heritage breed Turkeys. 

Ornamental Pheasants.

Selling hatching eggs, chicks, and started birds when available.

Alan Stanford, Ph.D.
136 Woodland Drive
Eaton, Ohio 45320
Bearded Silkies: White, Black, Blue, Splash
Bantam Araucanas: Black, White, Blue, Silver Duckwing, BB Red, Splash, Columbian
Sell: Started chicks, young, and adults. Eggs November to December

9 years of consistent show wining quality
Lisa and Gary Cree
Seabeck WA
Japanese bantams and Ameraucanas

Cathryn Walden

1027 N Leroy

Fenton, MI 48430



Raise and sell Bearded Silkies.

Black, Blue, Splash, Blue Splash, Gray, Buff, Partridge, White

B.V/ R.V Black B.V /R.V Blue

B.V./R.V Gray at Connersville Indiana 2004

Best Color Silkie B.V / R.V Gray  B.V Blue  B.V Black at the 2005 W. Springfield ,MA NE Poultry Congress

LeRoy R. Morey

1411 Plaza Comercio NE

St.Petersburg, FL 33702

email   lmorey2@tampabay.rr.com


Will deliver to shows I attend or will ship

Call Ducks

Blue Fawn, Buff, Gray, Pastel, Snowy, and  White

Wild Ducks

Apricot Wood Ducks, Mandarins, White Mandarins, Ring Teal, Ruddy Duck, Hooded Merganser

Janet Phelps


Gray and white calls, Black East Indies, Snowy Mallards, Pekins, Black Runners, and Muscovy.  Hatching eggs, ducklings, and adults for sale.
Lewis Cunningham
203 N Fayette Box 604
Fayette, Ohio 43521
Has the following breeds for sale:
Gray and Buff Toulouse Geese
Rouen, Aylesbury, Pekin, and Silver Appleyard Ducks
Light, Dark, Buff Brahma in Large Fowl and Bantams
Call 6 to 9 p.m. (eastern) 419-237-3018
Christian d'Orgeix &
Sharon Hartline
P.O. Box 397
McCoy, VA 24111
Top show quality Blue Andalusians and White-faced Black Spanish large fowl.
Twenty five chicks are $100, which includes box and shipping.
Valerie Hirvela
American Silkie Club District 2 director
6230 Virginia Lane
Seffner, Florida 33584
Birds for sale. For more information on the Silkie breed and club information contact her at vhirvela@tampabay.rr.com
Mike & Bonnie Lee
3664 S.R. 83
Millersburg , Ohio 44654


Breeder of exquisite
Black Tail White and White Japanese
I am also interested in email correspondence on the Japanese Breeds
Edgar K Mongold
918 Stuckey Road
Washington Court House, OH 43160
(740) 333-5080
New Hampshire Bantams
Black Tailed Buff American Serama
Black American Serama                                                                Wheaten American Serama
Dennis Myers
4225 Sylvan Rd.
Wooster, Ohio 44691
Top Quality Rhode Island Red Large Fowl
Eggs and Chicks
For free price list call or write
Phone 330-264-4943
Richard Schock
3036 Woodruff Road
Boonville, NC 27011
336-367-5882 After 8pm
(don't call daytime)
C Black Minorcas, SC White Minorcas, RC Black Minorcas, SC White Leghorns, Blue Andalusians, Black Langshans, Black Jersey Giants, B B Red Cubalayas, Black Sumatras, Blue Sumatras, Brown Red Old English Games, B B Red Malays, Black Shamos, White Embden Geese, Black Muscovy Ducks

Adults only at the farm or will ship or deliver to shows that I attend.

Carrie Shinsky
Red, White, and Blue Turkey Farm
45840 Peck Wadsworth Rd.
Wellington, OH 44090
Bourbon Red and Blue Slate Turkeys. Will sell eggs and poults from February to June. Adult and started birds are sometimes available, as well.
Carl & Rose Stough
Galion, Ohio
Exhibition quality New Hampshire Bantams.
Starred wins in 2002 and 2003
Jerry R Powell
Urbana, Ohio 43701
Large Fowl: Plymouth Rocks in Partridge, Silver Penciled, Columbian, and Buff. Wyandottes in Silver Penciled, Buff, Columbian, Golden Laced, and Black. R.C. Rhode Island Red, White Langshans, Leghorns in S.C. Buff, Black and R.C. Light Brown. S.C. Anconas, Buttercups, Hamburgs in Silver Spangled Golden Spangled, Silver Penciled, Golden Penciled, White and Black. Polish in Bearded Silver, Bearded Golden and Bearded White.

Bantams: Silver Penciled, Wyandottes Columbian Rocks, and Dark Brahma.

Some adult birds available year around, NO SHIPPING

Ron & Barb Yochum
35202 Tryonville Road
Townville, Pa. 16360
Hatching Eggs & Baby Chicks --- Exhibition Quality

Large Fowl: Buff Orpingtons, Buff Rocks 
Bantams: New Hampshire Red

Mature Stock shipped express mail, call for prices!