1. All recognized and non-standard varieties of large fowl, bantams and waterfowl are accepted in the show.
  2. Mail entries to Linda Deitz, Box 874, Hillard OH 43026.  Make checks payable to Ohio Poultry Breeders Association.  Entries close date October 9, 2017.
  3. Be sure to state on your entry whether Large fowl, Bantams, S.C., R.C., Bearded or non-Bearded, etc.
  4. Entry Fee is $4.00 per entry, DOUBLE COOP is $8.00. No double coops for bantams.  Count trios as 3 entries.
  5. There is a $5.00 building clean up fee per exhibitor to be added in entry fees
  6. The Association will take every precaution against loss or mishap, but will not be held responsible should any occur.
  7. Show committee has final jurisdiction on all matters.
  8. The club reserves the right to coop exhibits as it sees fit. 
  9. No birds will be cooped in before 9:00AM on Friday, November 10.
  10. All birds must be cooped in before 9:00 AM on Saturday, November 11. Judging will begin at 9:00AM on Saturday. Building will be locked at 6:00 PM.
  11. No birds will be released before the end of the show on Sunday, November 12.
  12. A display consists of cock, hen, cockerel, pullet, and a trio of the same variety.
  13. The Ohio Poultry Breeders will be responsible only for the awards that the Association offers.
  14. If the coop is locked or the bird is not accessible to the judge, the bird will not be judged.
  15. All exhibitors and families will receive a pass for free admission at check in.
  16. Any birds left at the show will be disposed of at show management’s discretion.
  17. No tar paper or dividers are permitted above cages.
  18. No roller blades, skates, skate boards or hoverboards allowed.
  19. No exotic animals or dogs allowed. 
  20. No commercial vendors or breed clubs allowed in trading area.