A big CONGRATULATIONS to the 2016 Scholarship Award winner Cale Johnson.

These awards are for each of the class champions

A Trophy for Champion and a rosette for the Reserve Champion

Champion American              Reserve American

Champion Asiatic                   Reserve Asiatic

Champion Continental          Res Continental

Champion Mediterranean    Res Mediterranean

Champion English                  Reserve English

Champion AOSB                    Reserve AOSB

Champion SCCL                    Reserve SCCL

Champion RCCL                   Reserve RCCL

Champion Featherlegged  Res Featherlegged

Champion AOCCL              Reserve AOCCL

Champion Modern              Reserve Modern

Champion Old English        Res Old English

Champion Bantam Duck   Res Bantam Duck

Champion Light Duck         Res Light Duck

Champion Medium DuckRes Medium Duck

Champion Heavy Duck       Res Heavy Duck

Champion Light Goose    Champion Medium Goose

Champion Heavy Goose


Champion Large Fowl       Reserve Large Fowl

Champion Bantam               Reserve Bantam

Champion Duck                 Champion Goose

Champion Turkey

2016 Youth Award winners

2016 Youth Award winners


In the youth show a Rosette will be awarded to the Reserve Champion of each class listed above.

The Ohio National believes it is very important to have ABA/APA licensed judges for the youth program. 

Youth Showmanship will be on Saturday and will start at 9:30 am. We will start with the youngest age group