In 1956, an enthusiastic group of Ohio poultry breeders founded a club known as the Ohio Poultry Breeders. Members of that club then sponsored a show known as the Ohio National. As suggested by the name of the show, no matter where you raised your birds in this great country, the invitation was always there to, “Come show with us.” The first show was held in Marion, Ohio. Subsequent shows were held in Springfield and Circleville. In 1962, the show moved to Columbus, where it remains today. The second weekend in November has been the traditional date for the show. During the years at Columbus, the show has been held in four Ohio State Fair buildings: the latest being the Voinovich Livestock Arena.

During the 58 years of the show’s existence, many benchmarks have been set, including the following:

  • 1973 – The 100th anniversary of the A.P.A. – 6,374 entries (largest show in the United States at that time)
  • 1974 – Show celebrated the 100th anniversary of the A.P.A. Standard of Perfection
  • 1990 – Hosting of the first joint A.P.A. and A.B.A. show (9,800 entries)
  • 1983 – Another joint show which also celebrated the new A.P.A. color Standard of Perfection – 10,400 entries
  • 1984 – The A.B.A. general membership voted to sign a contract with the Ohio National for five national meets to be held in fifteen years (1986, 1989, 1992, 1995, and 1998)
  • 1992 – Again the club hosted a joint A.P.A. and A.B.A. National Meet, which was the third A.B.A. National hosted under the 15-year contract. (7,500 entries all single decked)
  • 1998 – A joint A.P.A. and A.B.A. show celebrating the 150th anniversary of the first poultry show held in Boston, and the 125th anniversary of the A.P.A. (a record 12,293 entries)
  • 1999 – The first Junior Poultry Show, which featured separate classes and showmanship for juniors.
  • 2002 – Another joint A.P.A. and A.B.A. show with 9,700 entries, and with 1,120 entries, the largest youth show ever held.
  • 2014 – Celebrated the 100th anniversary of the A.B.A. The Ohio National has had more than 3,000 entries in every show since 1972, and has grown to over 5,500 entries each year. The success of the Ohio National over the years has been due to the dedicated leadership of officers, the support of the directors and workers, and most importantly, the loyal following of exhibitors. The 2014 show featured A.B.A.’s 100th Anniversary edition, which is the first color Bantam Standard of Perfection.