Major Sponsor: $3,000 and higher

An example of a major sponsor would be to sponsor all of the large fowl chicken awards.  This includes an award for the Champion and Reserve Champion of the six large fowl classes:  American, Asiatic, Continental, English, Mediterranean, and All Other Standard Breeds (AOSB).

Amenities include a display in the Show Hall, website advertising for a year, and an ad in the show catalog.  The Ohio National has an active website with 1,800 hits daily.

Another opportunity is to sponsor all of the Bantam chicken awards.  In 2018 the Ohio National is hosting the National Meet of the American Bantam Association.  Awards include Champion and Reserve Champion bantam in six classes:  Modern Game, Old English Game, Single Comb Clean Legged (SCCL), Rose Comb Clean Legged (RCCL), Feather Legged, and All Other Combs Clean legged (AOCCL).

Associate Sponsor: $1,000

Sponsorship opportunities include the Champions Row for the Open Show, or, the Sales Area.  Amenities include a banner at the site selected, website advertising for a year, an ad in the show catalog, and a table in the concourse.   Affiliate Sponsor: $500

Opportunities include sponsorship of the awards for the several classes of Ducks, or, the Goose & Turkey awards.  

There are four categories of awards for Ducks: Heavy weight, Middle weight, Light weight, and Bantam. 

There are three categories of awards for Geese - Heavy weight, Middle weight, and Light weight – and the Turkey class.

Amenities would be website advertising for a year, an ad in the show catalog, and a table in the concourse.

Corporate Sponsor: $400

A corporate sponsor is a general sponsor of the Ohio National Poultry Show.  A banner will be displayed in the Show Hall.  The vendor will be provided website advertising for a year.